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FIIL CC Pro2 English Ver. True Wireless Earbuds 42dB Hybrid ANC, All-Metal Design, 32 Hours of Battery Life, support fiil+ App

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FIIL's 7th Anniversary
Feel the breakthrough

FIIL was founded in 2015.
In the past 7 years, from Headphones to TWS earphones, FIIL has always focused on product quality.
In the past 7 years, FIIL's products have won CES Innovation Awards, IF Design Awards, Red Dot Design Awards, etc.
In the past 7 years, FIIL consistently improved our core development capabilities has developed more than 40 patented technologies.
In the past 7 years, our products have become music gifts for over 2 million music lovers.

Musicality & Professional
FIIL is still in pursuit of the ultimate sound.

The Sonic Boomer

Once, "the aircraft can't break the speed of sound" is almost an axiom
But today, planes can already fly up to several times the speed of sound
The spectacular sight at the moment when the planes exceed the speed of sound is called: the sonic boom
For FIIL, FIIL CC Pro2 was born to break through our own limitations;
so we call it: Sonic Boomer

 FIIL CC Pro2 | Highlights:

- Creative All-Metal Design by designaffairs
- 42dB Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation 
- High-Fidelity Audio Codec LDAC
- Smarter MAF™ Noise Control
- φ10.1mm Wool Basin Compound Diaphragm
- Dual-Mic ENC call noise cancellation
- 32+ Hours of Long Battery Life
- FIIL Free Connection 2.0
- Support brand new Bluetooth 5.3
- Support fiil+ App (EQ, control, etc)