Receipt Instruction

Thank you for shopping at! Please help us to read the receipt instruction carefully and follow the instruction.

  1. Please help us to take clear photos of the outer box, product packing before opening the outer box or when order arrives.
  1. Damages of package

If possible, please help us to inspect the condition of the outer box carefully and take photos of outer box once the delivery driver arrives and unloads your order.

Please back to the point 1 if you have no time permits to do inspection for the condition of the outer box at the time of the delivery driver arrives.

If there are any damages on outer box, or product package, please contact us with all photos and videos of before opening the outer box via email. You are kindly required to help us return that order to us at your expense firstly if we judged the outer box was damaged by shipment, and send the photo of postage receipt to us via email, we will re-send a new item to you with no charge, and provide a coupon of our store at same value of postage to you. Thanks for your kind understanding.

    3.Wrong unit received

If you received a wrong unit, please help us to take clear photos of the item and the product package to us via email. There are two options you can think about it, 1. keep the wrong product and we will refund the difference to you if the value of the wrong item is lower than the order; reversely, there is no need to pay the difference by you. 2. same procedure as point 2 in this section.

Please kindly noted we cannot accept the return or exchange request in case of if the seal packing of wrong item was opened.