Privacy Policy

  1. Information Collection and Utilization

(1) For purposes of providing services for you, improving software performance and appearance, recommending new functions/products, etc. by means of creating accounts, recognizing users, responding to inquiry and mail, etc., FIIL will require you to provide personal information (including but not limited to your name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.), and will collect other information related to you (including but not limited to equipment information, log information, location information, and other similar characteristic records).


(2) The user experience improvement plan of FIIL is a plan which diagnoses system problems and optimizes product experience based on the statistics of data use. We will use the instruments such as, etc. to realize statistics of the data information generated from your use of FIIL's products (including website, mobile phone applications, headset setting, other settings, etc.). In the user experience improvement plan, we will only accumulate all users' overall utilization data, instead of incorporating or uploading any content involving your personal identity information. The contents of the aforesaid statistics will include, but not be limited to: number of application start-ups, number of page access, number of key buttons sticking, configuration attribute of setting items, etc. Along with the FIIL's products' version upgrading, our statistical scope will change. Your acts of downloading/installing/using the upgraded versions of FIIL's products will be deemed as your consent to the relevant changes made on the occasion.


(3) FIIL will possibly combine the information provided by you through your own Account with the other services of FIIL or the information of any third party, in order to provide you with better experience and improve the service quality of FIIL.


(4) The products and services of FIIL possibly contain the link or information of the products and/or services of a third party. If you fill out your personal information on other platforms or submit/issue through third party program, this party will probably obtain your information. The said third party application program will probably have corresponding regulations on privacy policy, so you shall check such regulations and carefully consider before providing personal information. The privacy policy is not applicable in case a third party collects information from you. FIIL cannot control a third party's behaviour, and so, will not assume responsibility for the third party's behaviour of collecting and using your information.


(5) FIIL will collect and use your information by strictly observing the contents stated in relevant laws, rules and the privacy policy. Unless with the authorization document officially provided by FIIL, specific work personnel of FIIL will not ask for your personal information directly. In case of encountering such circumstance, you may contact FIIL directly.


  1. Information Disclosure

(1) Except for the exceptions regulated in laws and rules required by governmental departments or stated in the privacy policy, FIIL will properly keep and will not disclose your information.


(2) You hereby authorize FIIL to disclose your information to a third party without obtaining your consent particularly under the following circumstances:


(a) FIIL's disclosure of such information is necessary for recognizing, contacting or lodging a complaint against the behaviors which will possibly damage FIIL's rights or properties, Website users or any other person, including any other person's rights and properties;


(b) FIIL provides personal information to its associated parties or other enterprises or individuals having partnership with it, so as to represent/assist FIIL in handling such information. FIIL requires all the above-mentioned parties to handle such information according to the provisions of FIIL, the Privacy Policy and relevant laws and rules.


  1. Information Security

(1) FIIL will make reasonable efforts to guarantee your information security. However, you should know that FIIL cannot completely avoid the risks related to personal information security (especially when some circumstances out of the control of FIIL occur, such as force majeure or third-party reasons). Thus, FIIL cannot make any definitive guarantee or commitment for the maintenance or confidentiality of private information. Where FIIL knows that the security of the data acquired and stored by it is endangered, or users' non-public information is disclosed to any irrelevant third party for reason of external behaviors (including but not limited to external security attack), then despite of the disclaimer provisions herein, FIIL will adopt some measures that it considers appropriate (including but not limited to internal investigation, reporting to and notifying law enforcement institution and cooperating with the work of law enforcement institution, etc.). Meanwhile, FIIL will, under the circumstances that it considers appropriate, adopt lawful and reasonable measures for notifying relevant users of their information disclosed to the degree of FIIL's knowledge about such information.


(2) You shall properly protect your personal information security, such as not disclosing your personal password, etc.


(3) FIIL will take necessary means and make efforts to prevent internal work personnel from obtaining/using/disclosing your information out of their authority.


  1. Collection and Use of the Information of the Under-Aged

(1) FIIL requires that the under-aged shall use the products or services of FIIL under the permission and instruction of their statutory guardians.


(2) If you are under-aged, you shall surely have obtained the consent of your statutory guardian before providing your personal information.


  1. Revision of the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy has stated the standards followed by FIIL in terms of privacy protection. However, these standards will possibly change. In case of update, FIIL will notify you of the contents changed and their effective date by some means that it considers appropriate when issuing the revised version.