FIIL T1 XS, Audio quality matters.

FIIL T1 XS, Audio quality matters.

FIIL cares about the overall sound experience, whether
listening to music or making calls.
FIIL T1XS supports Dual-Mic ENC call noise cancellation which
can reduce ambient noise in real-time during phone calls, even
in a noisy subway, the other party can hear your voice clearly.
games, videos, FIIL T1 XS can keep the sound transmission
stable and accurate.

Want to use FIIL T1 XS when taking the subway, but worry
about missing the station report?
Don't worry, FIIL T1 XS supports Monitor Mode, it can filter
human voice and moderate ambient sound into the earphones
through a dedicated microphone and intelligent algorithm,
allowing you don't miss key information when using the FIIL T1

Prefer to wear earphones while workout? The FIIL T1 XS
that supports IPX5 water-resistant will be your best sports
partner! Just wear it and enjoy your workout time.

FIIL T1 XS has a built-in capacitive sensor that can automatically
detect whether you are wearing earphones. When playing music, you
can pause the music by removing the earphones, and restart the
music when you put on the earphones again.

FIIL T1 XS supports touch control, including double-click to
play/pause, long-press to reject calls, etc. Both earphones can be
independently controlled. You can turn on the full function mode
through the fiil+ APP to use more functions and adjust the control


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