FIIL T1 Lite, Lite & Smart

FIIL T1 Lite, Lite & Smart

The two earphones of FIIL T1 Lite can be connected to the phone
synchronously and used independently.
Both earphones support touch control, including double-touch to
play/pause, long-press to reject calls, etc. Both earphones can be
independently controlled. You can turn on the Full Control Mode
through the fiil+ APP to use more functions.

FIIL T1 Lite has upgraded key chips, combined with FIIL's
antenna technology, including Flash Connection 2.0 and Stable
Connection 3.0, bringing fast Bluetooth connection and stable
data transmission. FIIL T1 Lite can listen to music and watch
videos smoothly without lag, allowing you to enjoy the fun of

With its outstanding battery life, the FIIL T1 Lite has an ultra-lightweight
design. The weight of a single earphone is only 4g, and the weight of
the charging case is only 29g. Combined with an ergonomically-based,
streamlined earphones design, you'll forget the earphones themselves
when you listen to music.

When fully charged, the FIIL T1 Lite can continuously listen to music
for 7 hours. With the charging case, the total battery life is up to 32
hours. With normal daily use of the FIIL T1 Lite, you usually only need
to charge it once a week.
Even better, FIIL T1 Lite supports fast charging, when put the
earphones into the charging case to charge for 5 minutes, you can
listen to music for an hour.

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