Designed by designaffairs, Key Pro is inspired by the iconic work of the Metabolism Movement in Japanese architecture——Nakagin Capsule Tower. It gave young people an 10㎡ space with all the amenities in metropolitan Ginza, Tokyo and, for 50 years, countless young musicians, artists, sommeliers had been able to start their lives from here and to pursue their dreams.



That's also what we hope to achieve with Key Pro.

With Key Pro, we want to offer not only a pair of good headphones with a complete set of features, but also a unique good friend that accompanies you to hear the sounds of the world.



Two elegant colour schemes and textures

Seeking the Self Within - Deep Sea Quest
The grey-blue colour and frosted texture of the depths of the ocean, intriguing as a deep dive into the depths of hearts.

Looking for the World Beyond - Starry White Crystal
The bright white and light purple of the starry sky with lacquer finish, shining like our curiosity and search for the secrets of universe



Patented innovation - free switch between two wearing modes

Key Pro offers free adaptation between two wearing modes through the innovation of eartips and specialized tuning
In-ear mode for immersion and stronger noise cancellation, half-in-ear for more comfort and clarity


UP IN THE CLOUDS - listen to the core technology

Apart from the adjustable eartips, we have also equipped Key Pro with the professional “cloud sense tuning” for the use of its half-in-ear mode, ensuring a consistently excellent audio experience.



Smarter Noise Cancellation - strength and precision

FIlL Key Pro offers a 40dB* dual-feed hybrid ANC combined with our patented MAF™* intelligent noise adjustment system. You will be able to enjoy a precise noise cancellation in different scenarios.


Call noise cancellation - double clarification
While adopting FIlL's own tuning A.l. algorithm, which effectively reduces more than 95% of the environmental noise.
Key Pro also utilizes the "Coanda Effect" through physical wind convection conduit design to cut down an extra maximum of 7.5dB wind noise and transmit your voice clearly during calls.


New technology for an elevated experience - Bluetooth 5.4 with multi-point connection

The upgraded Bluetooth 5.4 chip guarantees a stable output and almost no sense of delay; it supports simultaneous connection of two devices, easily connecting or disconnecting the second device through one click.


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