FIIL Driifter, The lighter, the better

FIIL Driifter, The lighter, the better

FIIL Driifter has a 24g ultra-lightweight design. The wire used
for neck wear is made of memory metal, which can fit the neck
under the influence of body temperature and bring excellent
comfort, just like wearing air.0

FIIL Driifter has a 145 mAh lithium-ion battery that supports 1.5 hours
of fast charging, allowing 11 hours of continuous listening to music or
calls. FIIL Driifter supports MorpheusSTB intelligent power
consumption optimization technology, automatically monitors the
status of the headphones and can bring more than 60 days of
standby battery life without shutting down.

FIIL Driifter supports call noise reduction, it collects external ambient
noise through the microphone, and then replicates the same reverse
sound waves as the external ambient noise to cancel the noise,
resulting in better call quality

FIIL Driifter is a great sports partner! It supports IPX4 level
water resistance, even if you are sweating profusely, you can use it
with confidence to enjoy your sports and music time.

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