FIIL CG, Sound from Cigar Guitar

FIIL CG, Sound from Cigar Guitar

In the 1820s, many musicians living in poverty could not afford
expensive musical instruments. With their boundless love for
music, they converted their cigar boxes into guitars and used
this guitar to create far-reaching musical genres such as Blues.

The design inspiration of FIIL CG comes from this, with the love
and pursuit of music, this "FIIL Cigar Guitar" brings Blues color
matching for people who love music.

With customized high-quality diaphragms and the audio technology
of FIIL's professional audio team, we are confident that FIIL CG has
excellent sound performance beyond your expectations. We
recommend you use FIIL CG to listen to live music, which is full of

When you are using FIIL CG to listen to music on the computer, how to
quickly switch to the mobile phone to make calls?
Very simple, after both devices are paired with FIIL CG, press and hold
the earphone for 4 seconds to switch devices at any time without

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