FIIL CC2, The Metal Fanatic

FIIL CC2, The Metal Fanatic

The design of FIIL CC 2 breaks through the form of ordinary
true wireless earphones. The all-metal unibody design has an
excellent texture. The ingenious magnetic suction design in the
charging case allows you to easily remove the earphones by
sliding without worrying about losing the earphones.

Each earphone of FIIL CC 2 uses two smart antennas. With Bluetooth
5.2, the signal is more stable and reliable.
Compared with the previous generation, the communication strength
of the two earphones of FIIL CC 2 is increased by 800%, and the
anti-interference ability is increased by 300%.

Thanks to the upgrade of the chip and the optimization of power
consumption, the battery life of FIIL CC 2 has been comprehensively
improved compared with the previous generation. A single charge
can continuously listen to music for 5 hours, and the charging case
can charge the earphones 5.5 times, the total battery life can reach
32 hour.

FIIL CC 2 has a built-in Low Latency Mode, including game, music, and
video scenes, just to bring you a worry-free audio and video

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