FIIL CC Pro2: 42dB Hybrid ANC

FIIL CC Pro2: 42dB Hybrid ANC

This is FIIL CC Pro2, the brand new flagship of FIIL Audio.

The FIIL CC Pro2 uses the Hi-Res standard certified wool basin diaphragm often used by high-end headphones. Carefully tuned by the FIIL Acoustics Laboratory, the sound is warm and balanced, suitable for many types of music.

Know your status, enjoy a smarter ANC
Earbuds will automatically detect surrounding noise, dynamically adjust ANC depth intelligently, and balance ear pressure
Wearing fit detection
By playing a detection tone, you will be prompted whether you need to adjust the wearing or replace the ear tips.
Ambient noise optimization
Adjust ANC for the current environment to better match the current environment. With the brand-new sleep aid mode, you can choose whether to handle cell phone calls. You can also play sleep aid music and set the timer to close. Just to accompany you to sleep well.

FIIL CC Pro2 supports MAF™(My Audio Filter)Noise Control, which can switch between different noise cancellation functions according to your different usage scenarios:
- ANC Mode(Reduce all ambient noise)
- Open Mode (Receive all ambient sound)
- Wind Canceling Mode(Reduce wind noise)
- Monitor Mode (Only reduce ambient sound)

fiil+ App has built-in 15 preset EQs, and customizable EQ options, allowing you to focus more on the music you love.
Classic Jazz Light Music Cinema Metal Pop R&B Dance Rock Electronic Soft Bass New Age.

The optical sensor of FIIL CC Pro2 can monitor your wearing status in real-time, take off the music pause, and re-wear the music to play again. Total battery life up to 32+ hours.

With the brand new Bluetooth 5.3, FIIL CC Pro2 is here to bring you a more stable connection. FIIL CC Pro2 supports simultaneous connection of two Bluetooth devices. When the FIIL CC Pro2 is connected to the PC for an online meeting, if the phone suddenly calls, the earbuds will automatically switch to the phone.


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