FIIL CC nano: The Metal Imagination

FIIL CC nano: The Metal Imagination

This is FIIL CC nano.

The third generation of the FIIL CC series.

Classic all-metal design by designaffairs team from Germany, born to change boring routines.

In addition to being smaller, better sounding, and better functions, we are also trying to make the FIIL CC nano cooler.

Such as the return of the FIIL breathing light.

FIIL CC nano features a tailor-made LDP diaphragm, which can bring better treble performance. In addition, under the professional tuning of the FIIL audio team, the bass and vocals of FIIL CC nano have also been enhanced, with a higher fidelity sound quality.

With the powerful fiil+ APP, whether you like pop, rock, or jazz, you can find the right EQ. Not enough? Try the custom EQ function and you can be your own tuner!

FIIL CC nano has a smaller case and earbuds design, but still maintains excellent battery life, can listen to music continuously for 5 hours on a single charge, and the total battery life can reach 30 hours.

It supports Dual-Mic ENC and innovatively integrates AI technology from intelliGo and brings a clearer call experience through a powerful DNN neural network algorithm.

FIIL CC nano supports Bluetooth 5.2 but more than that, it also supports innovative Multipoint connectivity.

You can connect two devices at the same time through FIIL CC nano, such as PC and smartphone, when you use the computer to listen to music, if there is a call, double-touch your earbuds to answer the call, the FIIL CC nano will automatically switch to the call, very convenient, right?

Worried about the audio and video being out of sync during the game? FIIL CC nano has a built-in low-latency mode, including game, music, and video scenes, just to bring you a worry-free audio and video experience.

369 days of creation
159 design revisions
579 technical verifications

From inside to outside
From design to technology
From diaphragm to breathing light

Just for music lovers, a new experience.

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