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FIIL Belt (Chinese Version) True Wireless Earphone, Boomless Half-In-Ear, Flipper Belt, Antibacterial Coating, 30+ Hours Battery Life, Bluetooth 5.3

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Product highlights: 

  • Ergonomic Boomless Half-In-Ear design
  • Unique Flipper Belt and antibacterial coating
  • 6-color lights (Lefit ver.: 3 colors) and 3 smart lighting effects
  • FIIL patented TDDC acoustic system
  • φ13mm compound diaphragm with professional tuning
  • 30+ hours of battery life
  • Bluetooth 5.3 with multipoint connection
  • A.I. ENC call noise cancellation
  • fiil+ App with brand new user interface


Unique Flipper Belt + Smart Lighting

Always ready to go

FIIL Belt is a fun and stylish accesory to your city life with its convenient Flipper Belt and the 6-color lights (3 colors for the Lefit version) on the earbuds and. Besides, it is also equipped with 3 intelligent lighting effects, ensuring your safety when you are running outdoors at night.


Antibacterial and Water-Resistant Coating

Looking out for you

FIIL Belt is equipped with antibacterial coating to prevent ear canal infection and water-resistant material to protect the earbuds from sweat erosion.


BHIE Design + A.I. ENC Call Noise Cancellation

Boost your performance

The Boomless Half-In-Ear design is an ergonomic structure that effectively avoids the "stethoscope effect” during motions of exercise, ensuring a comfortable and secure wearing experience. Through the AI call noise cancellation algorithm customized by FIIL, the environmental noise can be reduced by 95% during phone calls, facilitating communication at any place.


Patented TDDC Acoustic System

Elevate your music experience

FIIL Belt adopts the patented TDDC acoustic system inherited from FIIL's top-level headphones. With the powerful bass enhancement and balanced professional tuning, it offers premium sound quality.



*The discount or trial card that comes with the package applies only to mainland China.